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Photograph yourself to become a Fantasy Fairy
Make Your Fairy Tale a Reality of Fantasy
For thousands of years, mythology, folk, and fantasy genres have included fairies in their works. Through painted canvases and the written word, many people have escaped into the images of the fairy world, only to leave it when a book is shut or a painting is out of sight. Now, however, lovers of fairy fantasy can remain in the fairy world through POG Images photography portraits.
Throughout history, artists have captured their conception of fairies by creating images through painting and sculpture.  Now through the modern medium of photography, and with the help of digital photography editing programs—POG Images creates gorgeous photos representing these curious fantasy creatures, and you can become a fantasy creature as well.  
POG Images fairy portraits produce beautiful portrait photography by combining photos that result in a new fairy being added as a fantasy fairy in a picturesque nature setting. You can send photos of yourselves or others to be used in creating the portraits, or you can have Barry MacDonald, the eye behind the fairy fantasy portraits and owner of POG Images, take photos of yourself that will be suitable for use. These personal photos will then be processed and incorporated into the fairy portraits.
New Fairies are then allowed to make customized selections for their fairy portraits. The aspiring fairy starts by choosing their own costume.  Next fairy wings are choosen: they can pick either butterfly wings or dragonfly wings. The fairy is also allowed to select the backdrop pictures for their fantasy world. The backdrop is chosen from a wide array of nature photos taken by Barry. POG Images will then process the personal pictures- the new fairy, wing choice, and the background images into a fantasy masterpiece of photography that will beautifully lock the fairy into the world of fairies and fantasy forever.  
Fairy Portraits Make Great Gifts
POG Images fantasy fairy portraits are great gifts for children and fantasy lovers.  Fantasy Fairy protraits are not limited to just one fairy per photo.  You may also have several other new fairy's combined together into one photo.  Some mature fairy's have themselves and their children and grand children all in one fairy portrait.  Other fairy's have all the members of the family in one fantasy portrait.  There is no limit to the world of fairy's!  A few familys of fairy's have had the entire gang in placed in panaramas.  And the fairy world is not limited to just female fairy's.  Your imagination is the limit.  The colors, detail, and imagination of the fantasy photography will capture the hearts of those who view them. These photos exude creativity and happiness. POG Images fantasy fairy photography brightens rooms and provides a mystical atmosphere.  Now you can become part of a real fantasy - or rather close to a real fantasy.

If you, a friend, or family member would like to be in a fairy fantasy portrait, contact Barry to make an appointment to be photographed.

  • Chose one or more of POG Images Photography for a back drop.
  • Chose or make a costume that is color cordinated to match parts of the back drop.
  • Decide what kind of wings you want (butterfly or dragonfly wings).
  • Contact Barry for an appointment.
  • Be creative and use as much fantasy as desired.


Please plan ahead to allow pleny of time for your fantasy portrait to be processed since processing requires several hours.

Don't have a costume?  Barry knows a few places to get one or have one made.

Not in town to be photographed?  You can have yourself photographed at a studio or have a friend photograph you at home.  Then send the image of your choice to POG Images on a CD.  The image needs to be in a Tiff file format.  You can rent camera's that produce tiff formats.  Jpeg files are more of a finial file that are not good to manipulating with Barry's processing.  To produce truely great fantasy Barry needs a Tiff file format.

Prices are $100.00 to process an image.  For a finial print use the price list for the size and type of paper of your choice. (see the Purchasing Prints page)

Barry charges a $100.00 "sitting fee" if you chose to have him photograph you.  Barry will come to your house and photograph you and those you want photographed.

Contact Barry for intructions of how to be photographed for him to use in his processes.  Call Barry between 9:00am and 8:00pm (MST) at 720-937-2547.  Any other hours Barry is busy with other fairy work.

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